By Octave Levenspiel

The tracer technique used to be first brought to degree the particular move of fluid in a vessel, after which to improve an appropriate version to symbolize this move. Such versions are used to keep on with the circulation of fluid in chemical reactors and different method devices, in rivers and streams, and during soils and porous buildings. additionally, in drugs they're used to review the circulation of chemical substances, destructive or now not, within the blood streams of animals and man.

Tracer expertise, written by means of Octave Levenspiel, indicates how we use tracers to keep on with the circulation of fluids after which we enhance a number of versions to symbolize those flows. This job is termed tracer technology.

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They are roughly equivalent. These models apply to turbulent flow in pipes, laminar flow in long tubes, packed beds, shaft kilns, and long channels. For laminar flow in short tubes or laminar flow of viscous materials, these models may not apply, and it may be that the parabolic velocity profile is the main cause of deviation from plug flow. We treat this situation called the pure convection model in Chap. 9. If you are unsure of which model to use, go to Fig. 2. It will tell you which model should represent your set up.

2 Mixed Flow On entering the vessel the fluid mixes instantaneously and uniformly with the vessel’s contents. In effect, every bit of fluid loses its memory as it enters the vessel and it could be anywhere in the vessel (Fig. 3). O. 1007/978-1-4419-8074-8_4, # Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2012 27 28 4 Two Ideal Flow Models: Plug Flow and Mixed Flow Fig. 1 Two forms of plug flow Fig. 2 Response curves for plug flow Fig. 3 Mixed flow We call this type of flow mixed flow. 3 Hybrid Plug-Mixed Model 29 Fig.

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