By Erik Mona, Jason Bulmahn

From the frozen wastes of the witch-queen to the hot deserts of Osirion, discover the area of Pathfinder and the GameMastery Modules like by no means sooner than. This 64-page, full-color gazetteer comprises information regarding all the significant kingdoms and towns of the Pathfinder Chronicles global, together with Absalom, Cheliax, Varisia, and lots more and plenty extra.

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Nearly 1,400 years ago, the territory that comprises Irrisen belonged to the Linnorm Kings. During one particularly harsh winter, a host of trolls and cold fey marched down from the Crown of the World, led by Baba Yaga, an incredibly powerful sorceress from a distant world of the Great Beyond. Directing her forces from a mobile fortress, the self-proclaimed Queen of Witches quickly subjugated the region, killing any who resisted and enslaving the rest. The fighting ended just 23 days after it began, and the nation of Irrisen was born.

Some of the land’s monarchs even personally attend their questing warships, such as when White Astrid of Bildt famously led 15 longships in a daring raid against the Nidalese port at Nisroch before breaking the Chelaxian blockade at the Arch of Aroden to put in triumphantly at Absalom. Foreign victories bring great prestige at home, but Linnorm Kings who leave their contentious homeland often face political struggles upon their return. Dragon-prowed longships of the Linnorm Kings emerged in force from the Steaming Sea to raid southern settlements late in the second millennium of the Age of Enthronement, but landborn Ulfen humans from the region had traded as far east as Brevoy in the previous age.

Druma, Kalistocracy of MERCHANT’S RELIGIOUS PARADISE Alignment: LN Capital: Kerse (18,300) Notable Settlements: Detmer (8,200), Highhelm (5,600 dwarves), Macridi (3,200) Ruler: High Prophet Kelldor Government: Mercantile Oligarchy Languages: Common, Dwarf Religion: Prophecies of Kalistrade, Torag The isolated hill country of Druma hosts the most productive gem and precious metal mines in Avistan, granting its doctrinaire leaders—adherents to the Prophecies of Kalistrade—overwhelming inf luence over the politics and affairs of the entire Inner Sea region.

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