Для сайта:Мир книгРуководство по эксплуатацииA-4EFG . Изображения: черно-белые фото, рисунки.The Naval Air education and working tactics Standardization (NATOPS) software is a good strategy towards enhancing strive against readiness and reaching a considerable aid within the plane mishap price. Standardization, in response to specialist wisdom and event, offers the root for improvement of an effective and sound operational strategy. The standardization application isn't deliberate to stifle person initiative, yet fairly to help the commanding officer in expanding the devices strive against power with no decreasing command status or accountability.

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NOTE Up to 4 seconds of override lever actuation may be required before disengagement occurs. 8. Pulling the emergency generator release handle. LIGHTING EQUIPMENT Interior Lights The interior lighting system includes all instrument lights, console lights, and cockpit floodlights. A light is mounted in each instrument lens (except the oil pressure gage) to provide equal illumination over the entire face of the instrument. Two floodlights are mounted on each side of the gunsight beneath the glareshield to provide auxiliary or emergency lighting of the instrument panel.

Adjust seat to its lowest position. 2. Close and latch the canopy. 1-94 EMERGENCY OPERATION The thermal radiation closure will be jettisoned along with the canopy in emergencies. The extended aft portion of the glare shield is flexible and will deflect if contacted during ejection. ;anel is installed on the left-hand console (figures FO-1 and FO-2) for use with the Mark 5 antiexposure suit.

Emergency generator release handle 10. Low altitude warning system light (LAWS) 26. Canopy jettison handle 11. WHEE LS warning light 27. White floodlights control 12. Angle-of -attack indexer 28. Right console (figure 1- 8 ) 13. Gunsight 29. Harness release handle 14. Elapsed-time clock 30. Alternate ejection handle 15. Standpy compass 31. Control stick 16. Rear view mirror 1-9 I Section I NAVAffi 01-40AVE-1 Part 1 1. WHEELS AND FLAPS POSITION INDICATOR PANEL 2. 3. BLAN K PANEL 4. THROTTLE PANEL 5.

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