By Gema de la Torre, Giovanni Bottari, Uwe Hahn (auth.), Jianzhuang Jiang (eds.)

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However, the preparation of adequately functionalized derivatives designed for particular purposes remains an expanding topic. The current availability of soluble Pcs has promoted a huge growth in the application of already well-established synthetic methodologies, such as transition metal-mediated carbon–carbon bond formation, thus allowing the construction of complex Pc-based structures. Noncovalent interactions play critical roles in a variety of Pc-based systems and may find applications ranging from medicine to molecular electronics.

1 Organic Field Effect Transistors In the past decade, the research on organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) has experienced remarkable progress mainly because of the development of novel OFET materials, which have allowed to reach carrier mobility values good enough to compete with amorphous silicon. Pcs are promising active materials for OFET applications, the most investigated members in this family being the CuPc and CoPc [221–223]. Thin films of vacuum deposited Pcs have shown mobilities in the range of 10 5 –10 3 cm2 V 1 s 1 , a value that increase to 0:11 cm2 V 1 s 1 for vacuum deposited thin films of a sandwich-type device constructed by using two phthalocyaninato metal complexes [224].

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