By Brian Underhill

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A fri d n a , s k c e h c l l i k s nccluding character can use special abbiilities, in spells or special powers, to flee; indeed, the creature is compelled use such means if they are the only way to escape. n i c k e d (S e v e r e ) : A p a n i c k e d c h a r a c t e r an 3) Pa nyytthing it holds and flee at top an musstt drop a h e s o u r c e o f i ts f e a r , a s w e l l a s t m o r f d e e p s any other dangers they encounter along the acctions. In not take any other a nn way. They can penalty on 2 -2 a s e k a t r e t c a r a h c e ad ditio n, th abbility all saving throws, skill checks, and a checks.

The gunners, however, had the range. Despite poor visibility, they soon began dropping shells onto the Loki. In a quirk of timing and circumstance, one of the Durham's 8" shells dropped directly through the deck of the raider and exploded in the cargo hold, hurling chunks of shrapnel into the anti-radar device. A shower of sparks filled the hold as circuits fused and others exploded, and suddenly the field surrounding the Loki began to change. A pale green glow raced outward from the device, encompassing the ship in a massive bubble that not only altered radar waves but warped the very fabric of time and space.

Alternatively, part of the crew may elect to remain aboard the McCurdy to perform the repairs while the rest of the party boards the Loki and begins exploring. Whether the McCurdy is repaired or not, however, it will be impossible for the crew to escape the small space-time bubble in which the Loki - and now the McCurdy - are trapped. The small tug has fallen under the influence of the funkmesstarnkappengerät, and will remain trapped there forever, unless the PCs can solve the mystery of the ghost ship for good (see The Funkmesstarnkappengerät Bubble.

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