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1, but, of course, traversed in the opposite direction. 3 m above level ground. 1 what is the magnitude and the direction of its velocity when it hits the ground? , Vy = ? 6 10/ An object is projected at 10 m S-I at an angle of 53° above the horizontal. What is the maximum height it reaches, and what horizontal distance does it cover? 2. First, note that 10 sin 53° = 8 and 10 cos 53° = 6. , t = ? 82, s = ? 8 m / / I 46 Foundation Science for Engineers Questions (Apart from Questions 9 and 10, assume motion in a straight line.

2(a) both ends of the tube are open and the liquid surfaces on each side are level, because they are both subjected to atmospheric pressure. 2(b) the right-hand side is connected to a supply of gas under pressure. The liquid in the left-hand column will rise until the value of h is such that pgh + Palm balances the pressure of the gas supply. The difference in the height of the columns is therefore a measure of the gas pressure relative to the atmosphere - that is to say, pgh gives the gauge pressure of the gas.

7 shows a different case. 7(a), OA represents a lever arm pivoted at 0 with a body of weight W suspended from it at A. From our experience we would expect the moment of W about 0 to be at a minimum value (zero in fact) when OA is vertical and at a maximum when it is horizontal. As we can see from the figure, the perpendicular distance of the line of action of W from 0 is given by OA cos e, where e is the angle that OA makes with the horizontal. The moment of W about 0 is therefore W X OA cos e.

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