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How Can It Be Stimulated? The prostate is the equivalent of the male G-spot, a highly sensitive area in the body that can cause extreme satisfaction when stimulated correctly. It is possible to massage the prostate from the outside of the body by locating the indention found along the perineum between the scrotum and anus. Applying gentle pressure to this area can cause the lingam to further swell and send waves of sexual sensations to all areas of the body. Reaching for this hot spot is a great way to add a final “hyper burst” of pleasure as the man reaches orgasm and ejaculation.

That way, you and your partner can have more control over emotional responses and a deeper connection that goes beyond the bedroom. The following are some ways you can help build that mental connection: r Give your partner a hug when you arrive—not just a quick hello, but a true embrace. Exhale the day and inhale the night. r Turn your attention to your home life and your partner. Share positive experiences from the day, not just the difficulties. Find a way to laugh together. r Make a conscious effort to remain in the moment with your partner.

Exploring the Prostate The easiest position for prostate exploration is with the man lying back comfortably with his knees raised. This allows for easy eye contact and communication, as well as having access to massage his lingam for additional pleasure. Carefully slide a well-lubricated finger, palm up, into the anus and feel against the roof of the anal canal, behind the perineum, for a small knot. For some men, this will be found as shallow as one knuckle, while for others, it is deeper inside.

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