By Tim Mungeam

Checking out you're going to be a father for the 1st time is an enormous feeling - your existence is absolutely not a similar back. notwithstanding, biologically conversing, your task is completed, the genuine paintings is but to return: helping the longer term mom of your baby via the entire highs and lows of her being pregnant, and getting ready to your new position as a father.

Most dads-to-be consider underprepared and overawed, yet marvelous First-Time Father: 50 stuff you actually need to grasp has the entire specialist recommendation you wish for each step of how, from receiving the scoop to performing on hours of sleep an evening, and alongside the best way you'll get insider information and professional recommendation.

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In Visions for Gender Equality, ed. Francesca Bettio, and Silvia Sansonetti. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Bettio, Francesca, Marcella Corsi, Carlo D’Ippoliti, Antigone Lyberaki, Manuela Samek Lodovici, and Alina Verashchagina. 2013. The Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Situation of Women and Men and on Gender Equality Policies. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Bettio, Francesca, and Janneke Plantenga. 2004. Comparing Care Regimes in Europe. Feminist Economics 10(1): 85–133.

18 F. BETTIO favour of a unisex target of a 75 % employment rate for 20–64 year olds to be reached by 2020. For want of better specification, the unisex target is often interpreted as applying to men as well as women. While the demise of the EES as an independent policy platform considerably weakened direct pursuit of equality-enhancing labour market goals, the repercussions on reconciliation and welfare policies were less obvious until some years into the crisis. On the contrary, the Council issued a directive in 2010 to extend minimum, paid, parental leave to four months.

The Shriver Report (Morgan and Skelton 2014: v). 2. The respective age groups are 15–64 and 20–64 years of age. 3. GIPSI is a more charitable version of the damning PIIGS acronym that was used to identify the countries at closer risk of defaulting when the financial crisis peaked, namely Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy. 4. oecd. htm 5. Note that actual discrimination may be lower if the average woman and the average man differ in some characteristics that cannot be measured but are valued in the market, for example, higher propensity to risk on the part of men.

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