By Cassandra Gold

A holiday in Paradise, yet is it? For fifteen years, slacker Teddy Christopher and straight-laced Parker Denton were top associates, regardless of the varied scrapes Teddy has gotten them in. whilst Teddy invitations Parker to return with him on a operating holiday to take a look at a hotel his father is thinking about deciding to buy so as to add to the Fantasies chain, Parker doesn’t hesitate to head. Then an unforeseen and unwelcome customer from domestic arrives, and by some means Parker unearths himself stuck up in one other certainly one of Teddy’s wild schemes on the way to cast off her. Now Teddy’s appearing surprisingly, Parker’s feeling issues he shouldn’t be, and they’re either compelled to play roles. Can their friendship live to tell the tale this holiday?

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Taking a sip from his mug seemed to perk him up a bit, at least. “Not very well. ” Smiling, Teddy dished up a plate of bacon, fruit, and toast. “Eat up and wake up, Mr. Grumpy. ” With a long-suffering sigh, Parker selected a bagel and some bacon and began to eat. An hour later, they had eaten, showered, and dressed, and they were headed down to the beach. Teddy had arranged for them to go snorkeling this morning. After lunch, they were booked at the spa. The spa thing seemed kind of girly to him, but he wanted to check everything out before making a recommendation to his dad.

As he ran along the paths behind the resort, he mostly saw employees. There were a few other runners like himself, and some people who looked as if they were returning from a very late night, but mostly he was alone on the paths. He ran for about an hour. The incredible beauty of the island in the morning gave him a sense of peace. Birds sang in the trees. The sweet fragrance of flowers, tempered with the salt tang of the ocean, scented the air. At first, the only light was the faint blush of the coming dawn.

Rolling his eyes, Parker showed his ID to the bouncer and entered the club. Teddy followed moments later. The volume level ratcheted up considerably the instant they walked in the door. The lyrics of the popular rap song could barely be heard over the thump of the bass. Illicit had an industrial look, with silver and wrought iron everywhere. The only other color was blue, giving the club a dim, almost underwater air. While the building was fairly small, it featured three levels. The bottom level had the large dance floor and the main bar.

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