By Evan McNamara

While a councilman is located with a bullet gap in his head, Sheriff invoice Tatum is familiar with this was once no looking twist of fate. And after approximately wasting his existence to his corrupt predecessor, Tatum has his doubts approximately everyone's innocence.

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Sure, I guess. He’s going straight to the morgue, though. Dr. ” “I will be honored to help Dr. Ed with Mr. ” He looked over his shoulder at Jerry. ” “Jerry’s staying with me,” I said. Actually, I didn’t know what I was going to do with Jerry, but I wasn’t going to let him out of my sight just yet. Just then, a big white Ford F350 came rumbling down the ridge. Orville waved it over. The truck sped to the downhill side of the spruce grove and braked hard, kicking up a little cloud of alpine turf.

I nudged Pancho over to Jerry’s mount and withdrew his rifle from the scabbard. I tried to clear it, but hesitated— the bolt action was on the wrong side. “I didn’t know you were left-handed, Jerry,” I said. ” Jerry shrugged. ” I lay the left-handed rifle in my lap and studied my deputy. “You and I have been to the range many times, Jerry. You always fired your service weapon with your right hand. I would have noticed. ” Jerry looked away from me. I waited for his answer. ” He stared long across the Wason Plateau.

But you’re the sheriff, now,” said Ritter. His sparrow hands fluttered in confusion. 46 Evan McNamara “They were not on the winning side for long,” I said. ” “We found their meth lab up in the mountains, and the deputy came after us. She was a damn good shot with a rifle. Proved it a few times. ” “Deputy Sheriff Martha Three Stones. ” asked Ritter. ” “Jerry killed him. Saved my life,” I said. ” “My deputy, Jerry Pitcher. ” “I missed him,” said Ritter. ” Ritter turned his head and stared out the window I didn’t have.

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