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Few,” Sancha said. ” They rounded a curve and found a body lying in the middle of the floor. It was a man, clad in the black uniform of a prison guard. ” Zara gasped. ” Reluctantly Tania looked. Bathed in the ruddy torchlight, the dead face looked less than human, stretched and distorted like melted wax. The man’s eyes were wide open as though caught in a moment of absolute terror and his mouth was locked in a grimace of agony. Sancha let out a breath. “I know this death-mask,” she said. “I have read of it in the ancient bestiaries in the library.

He got cautiously to his feet, holding Sancha against his chest with her head lolling on his shoulder. Eden stood and walked over to the cockerel. She held out her hand, palm down over its head. “Well done, good and honest creature,” she murmured. ” The bird dipped its head, then went strutting off into the corridor with a clatter of claws on the stones. “I don’t get it,” Tania said, glancing at the blackened shape on the ground. “What killed it, exactly? ” “Indeed they are,” Eden said. “To all but the first light of dawn and the crowing of a cock.

Eden’s face twisted. “I have seen what they have done to those rooms,” she said. “Your chamber rages with an endless storm, Zara. ” Tania’s heart ached at the thought of those wonderful, living chambers being defiled. Each princess had a chamber that was like an exquisite reflection of her innermost self: Zara’s room was a serene seascape beyond a shingle beach, Hopie’s was a dark forest, and Cordelia’s, a garden world where magical animals prowled. The walls of Sancha’s room had teemed with flowing script and whispering voices, tales and lore from every age of Faerie.

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