By Rong Chen

The publication presents an account of English inversion, a building that monitors puzzling idiosyncrasies on the point of semantics, phonology, syntax, and pragmatics. Basing his relevant argument at the declare that inversion is a linguistic illustration of a Ground-before-Figure version, the writer develops a chic option to a hitherto unsolved multidimensional linguistic puzzle and, within the procedure, helps the theoretical place cognitive strategy most nearly fits the multidimensionality of language itself. Engagingly written, the ebook will attract linguists of all persuasions and to any reader concerned with the connection among language and cognition.

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Two suspects were arrested at the scene and are now in custody. Wounded were Paul Randolph and Steve Seymour. (Ward, Birner, and Huddleston 2002: 1388, ex. lOi) in which the open proposition "x were wounded" is "inferrable straightforwardly from the prior statement that two young men were hurt" (Ward, Birner, and Huddleston 2002: 1388), hence the inversion is felicitous. The second supporting claim is present in both Birner (1996) and Ward, Birner, and Huddleston (2002). It states that "the inverted verb has to be informationally light, representing evoked or inferrable information in context" (Birner 1996:119).

According to Langacker (1990: 6-7), the construal of discourse entities can be either subjective or objective. Subjective construal refers to cases where the subject (speaker or reviewer) is implicit and offstage. Objective construal refers to cases where the discourse entities are explicit and onstage. The following are examples that Dorgeloh uses to illustrate this distinction: (59) These are shocking figures, but even more shocking is the fact that at least half the people behind these crimes will go undetected.

Cognitive linguistics (and its allies in philosophy, anthropology, and psychology) views knowledge as arising out of people's bodily interactions with the world. Knowledge is seen not as static, propositional, and sentential, but as grounded in patterns of bodily experience. These patterns emerge throughout sensorimotor activity as we manipulate objects, orient ourselves spatially or temporally, and direct our perceptual focus for various purposes. (Gibbs 1996: 41) The importance of bodily experience in cognition and language has been demonstrated most clearly in Lakoff (1982, 1987), Lakoff and Johnson (1980); and Johnson (1987).

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