By Pierre Berton

Within the Nineteen Seventies, Pierre Berton and his relatives recreated the journey down the Yukon made through his father, Francis George Berton, in 1898. This compelling tale of the later trip is a valentine from son to father, a paranormal story of a family members adrift, and a poetic exploration of the region’s wealthy background. In experiencing this nice wasteland, Berton and his kin become aware of their deep connection to nature — and every different.

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When he was finished, Walt said, “Let me get this straight. ” “I know that. But he could have run— and he didn’t,” Paul answered. “And another thing, old friend. You have only his word that he wasn’t in on the 35 THE SWAMP robbery. He could have been, you know. ” “Look, Walt, I know that everything you say is true. But I believe him, and I want to help him. ” Walt asked. “No, not really. ” “I won’t charge you for my time,” Walt continued, “but there will be plenty of other expenses. ” Paul looked shocked.

That mound of dirt is where that alligator laid her eggs,” Jack explained. ” Everyone moved a safe distance away. Then they watched the ’gator settle down to protect her nest. “I’m glad you’re with us, Jack,” Ann said. ” 30 No More Running • 6 “Well, I’ve spent a lot of time out here. ” They continued wading through the marsh. “We’ll be back to civilization soon,” Paul said. “Have you made up your mind, Jack? ” Jack asked. “There’s always a chance, Jack. And any chance is better than no chance.

39 THE SWAMP “I can’t thank you enough, my friend. I’ll call him today,” Paul said. “Good. I’ll get to work on the appeal. Nothing will happen overnight. The wheels of justice move slowly, you know. But I’ll keep you informed. ” “Bill Peterson is still out an airboat. ” “Gosh,” Paul said. “I’d forgotten all about that. ” Paul put the phone down and thought about what Walt had just told him. He was already doing a lot to help Jack. Paying for an expensive airboat would be going too far. Besides, he had Ann and their own three children to provide for.

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