By Susan Holliday

Myth event, 9-12 age crew, revealed in huge Print. whilst Juniper's disobedience places himself and his buddy Oak in bad possibility, their friendship is confirmed to the boundaries. 'Juniper dragged himself painfully around the scrubby grass. whilst he might not move slowly he lay down. Sweat trickled from his physique and his damaged leg ached. It used to be icy, a lot less warm than within the valley. quickly Sungod will be up, and he remembered what outdated Hornbeam had acknowledged to him whilst he was once very small. It used to be as though the outdated clever guy was once beside him, whispering in his ear: 'If your father exiles you for making marks you want to persist with Sungod alongside the unknown river. you want to locate your different family'.' Juniper has continually been one to invite questions, to take dangers. And he has continually made marks - in sand on the water's part, in dust after rain, or with items of stick and stone. He can't cease himself, although he is familiar with it truly is strictly forbidden. 'I can not help it' he tells his good friend, Oak. it's his disobedience which places either Juniper and Oak in poor chance, and checks their friendship to the boundaries.

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Juniper reached up for a mud figure that stood at the end of the row. She had long hair and breasts that hung gently over her swollen belly. ‘It’s Rose, with a child in her,’ said Juniper, tenderly. He carefully gave the figure to Oak who stared intently. ’ ‘It’s beautiful,’ said Oak, despite himself. He wanted to smash the figure but held it carefully as if she was alive. He stood in silence while the little flame flickered over the mud girl. Only when the wick bent and the flame grew tiny did he put the figure back on the shelf.

For a long time the old man had been sick. The groans went on as if Paingod was beating the old man with his long black fingers. Juniper stood up. The huge noise of the wind would mask any sound he made. He trod silently between the families’ tents, to the back of the shelter. He slipped inside Hornbeam’s tent and knelt down. ’ Juniper reached for a cup and filled it from the skin bag that was propped against the wall of the tent. He lifted Hornbeam’s head very gently and pressed the cup to his shrunken mouth.

Think of Lime. He already hates you for winning Rose. ’ They stood up and walked with bent heads to the back of the cave. By the lamplight their shadows grew over the roof and sloped down to another narrow ledge. ‘One last look before Koni,’ whispered Juniper and turned to nudge Oak. ’ 56 He held up the lamp and stood it on the ledge where it flickered over a row of little mud animals: a fox, a hare, a small bison, a little deer, a horse, a bull, none bigger than the size of two hands stretched together.

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