By Andre Norton

Meet Nik Kolherne, one among Galactic Society's dregs. not able to enhance himself legitimately, he has the same opinion to help and abet a kidnapping. His present: a brand new face to switch the only scarred by means of his years of struggle.Along with a brand new face, Nik acquires a moral sense. Now he fights to loose the abducted boy, and himself, from the clutches of the Thieves' Guild.

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The water was glassy; its dark surface rippled now and then. Sometimes those ripples ran against the current as if life fought a passage upward. But the wash came no higher than Nik's ankles, and the force of it was not enough to impede wading. At his assurance, Vandy dropped down, keeping a hold on Nik as he had when they had faced the hunters. Then they splashed toward the outside. There it was still raining steadily, but the wildness of the wind had abated. The rain flowed by every depression to the edge of the drop the ruins lined, cascading over in countless small falls.

Me, I'm playing it safe-all the way safe! This is no planet to go exploring on. And I don't aim to be set outside without cin-goggles and a blaster and told to start walking! That has happened before. Sure, I'll back the captain-if he's here and ready to speak up. But I'm not stripping myself bare for him regardless. If you want to spit in Orkhad's eye, you'll do it on your own and take what he'll give you then all by yourself. " "When it suits him. Here's your hole. Crawl right in and remember to be invisible when trouble comes-" Still trying to make something coherent out of those hints, Nik re-entered the celllike chamber and heard Fabic click the door behind him.

The trails of rain were still flooding down. Splashes from one struck them. Vandy moaned and tried to move, but Nik was quick to pin him down. Another wriggle and they both might be on their way to the bottom. Luckily, there had been no more quakes or explosions or whatever had stirred up the earth hereabouts. With Vandy a dead weight, Nik was defeated when it came to climbing, and he feared to descend. That explosion of air and rock must have blown a larger hole in the tunnel. To fall into Whatever might be in progress down there was more danger than he cared to face.

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