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Hueffer was no longer in sympathy with him, and had - Lawrence felt - 'left me to paddle my own canoe. , p. 471). The reviews of The White Peacock turned out not particularly good; his private life was a struggle, following the death of his mother and his, in many ways, unfortunate engagement to Louie Burrows; and his writing of 'Paul Morel' went both slowly and unhappily. Almost the only bright spot was the request, in June 1911, by the young publisher Martin Secker for a volume of short stories by Lawrence.

526). However, having spent the time since November 1912 trying to write serious novels that were almost certainly uncommercial, he felt he had for the moment to give up in favour of 'another, shorter, absolutely impeccable - as far as morals go - novel ... 526). The money from Sons and Lovers - with the expenses of a visit to England planned for the summer - would only take them a few months forward, unless the novel turned out to be a resounding success. Lawrence, planning carefully ahead, did the sensible thing and abandoned the serious novel around p.

Not only did he have enormous financial problems; he had the particular problem of abandoning the role of self-reliant professional man, able to support a wife and family, for which his upbringing and education had fitted him. And he had the very real problem of being a boy from Eastwood who moved into the metropolitan literary world. He played all this down in his late autobiographical writing, which always presented him as straightforwardly working-class writer 20 D. H. lAwrence who - unexpectedly but luckily - discovered his metier without running into difficulties.

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