By Dan Wylie

"Tick, tock, tick, tock." due to Peter Pan, this sound, if heard close to water, ability run: a hungry crocodile is on its manner. J. M. Barrie isn't absolutely in charge for spreading the be aware that crocodiles are our enemies, or a minimum of the enemies of one-handed pirates—innumerable songs, tales, and legends have characterised those reptiles as an emblem of pitiless predation and insatiable urge for food. monitoring twenty-three crocodilian species from India and Egypt to Africa, Australia, and past, Crocodile advocates that we do a whole one-eighty in our perspectives of those exceptional creatures.

Dan Wylie lines the crocodile in fantasy, artwork, and literature, demonstrating that even though we more often than not affiliate the reptiles with ferocity and deceit, they've got additionally frequently been revered and respected in human heritage. Discussing how crocodiles have been all yet burnt up in the midst of the 20 th century through hunters and dermis investors and at the moment are coming round again, he finds that, as apex predators, they're at the present time an more and more vital indicator of the well-being of an surroundings and should outlive people like they did dinosaurs. offering a concise, cogent case for why we must always appreciate those fearsome animals, this superbly illustrated quantity is a tribute to 1 of the world's final survivors.

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