By Anne Civardi

Книга на испанском языке по изготовлению настольных игр. С помощью иллюстрированных инструкций дети и родители смогут самостоятельно сделать настольный футбол, миниатюрный бильярд, рулетку, паззлы, лабиринты, игры на меткость и т.п.

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What about the time you and Dylan decided to run away from home and got lost up in the woods? It was November, and the weatherman was predicting record low temperatures. The sheriff gave up the search when the sun went down, but Jake…? He kept looking. ” “If he’d given up, you’d have been hauled off to the morgue. I know he took a switch to you, and I’d have stopped him if I’d been here, but it wasn’t anger that made him paddle your hind end, Logan Creed. ” “Today, they call it child abuse,” Logan pointed out.

I get married. No best buddy since kindergarten to stand up with me. I get divorced. Nobody to drown my sorrows with. ” “Take it or leave it,” Logan said. ” At last, Jim relented. A grudging grin flashed across his chiseled Native-American face. “You just passing through—looking for a fight with one or both of your brothers maybe? ” Logan put a tip on the table for the waitress, who was ogling them from the other side of the service counter. During the millisecond it took to lay the money down, Jim’s face changed.

Nothing,” he said. ” “You’re planning to sell your share of the ranch, aren’t you? That’s why you’re hiring contractors and buying lumber. ” Ah, the grapevine, Logan thought. Dylan knew he was fixing up the ranch house, because he still had sources in town. Asking where he was had been a formality. “I’m not selling,” he said evenly. “I’m here to stay. ” That train of thought led to Briana Grant, since she was living in Dylan’s house, and following it got Logan into trouble. He was a beat late realizing he’d said the wrong thing.

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