By Frederick E.; Doran, Robert M.; Lonergan, Bernard J. F.; Lonergan Researc Crowe

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Does it not follow that the proposed exploratory journey is not merely arduous but impossible? Certainly it would be impossible, at least for the writer, if an acquaintance with the whole range of knowledge were a requisite in the present inquiry. But in fact our primary concern is not the known but the knowing. The known is extensive, but the knowing is a recurrent structure that can be investigated sufficiently in a series of strategically chosen instances. The known is difficult to master, but in our day competent specialists have labored to select for serious readers and to present to them in an adequate fashion the basic components of the various departments of knowledge.

The four chapters on metaphysics follow to sweep all that has been seen into the unity of a larger perspective, only to undergo a similar fate, first in the account of general transcendent knowledge, and again in the approach to special transcendent knowledge. Clearly, then, if anyone were to offer to express my meaning within a briefer compass than I have been able to attain, he must bear in mind that earlier statements are to be qualified and interpreted in the light of later statements. g For already it has been pointed out that the present work is concerned with the known only in the schematic and incomplete fashion that is needed to clarify the nature, and affirm the existence, of different departments of knowing.

The Robert Mollot Collection PART ONE Insight as Activity 1 Elements In the midst of that vast and profound stirring of human minds which we name the Renaissance, Descartes was convinced that too many people felt it beneath them to direct their efforts to apparently trifling problems. Again and again in his Regulae ad directionem ingenii, he reverts to this theme. Intellectual mastery of mathematics, of the departments of science, of philosophy is the fruit of a slow and steady accumulation of little insights.

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