By Laura S. Underkuffler

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C. , 306 Minn. 2d 627 (1976) ("the time to appeal an issue begins to run anew from a modification of judgment when the issue was for some reason not appealable before the modification"). 28. Evans v. 2d 775, 780 (Minn. Ct. App. 1984); Kath v. Kath, 238 Minn. 2d 691 (1952). See text at notes 9 0 - 9 3 , infra. 29. Cf. MINN. R . CRIM. P . 02, subd. 4(3); F E D . R . A P P . P . 4(a)(4). Initiation of Appellate Proceedings 33 but before posttrial proceedings are completed, thereby jeopardizing the 30 trial court's ability to proceed with the posttrial proceedings.

P. 03(e)). 54. Parson v. 2d 431 (Minn. Ct. App. 1984). 55. See also State ex rel. Johnson v. 2d 629 (Minn. Ct. App. 03(e) since it does not preclude entry of judgment from which appeal can be taken). 38 Civil Appellate Practice A final order or judgment made or rendered in a proceeding supplementary to execution. 03 states that a final o r d e r or j u d g m e n t m a d e or r e n d e r e d in p r o c e e d i n g s supplementary to execution is appealable. This provision is unchanged from prior practice.

69. See Royal Realty Co. v. Levin, 243 Minn. 2d 5 (1954); MINN. R. Civ. APP. P. 03(d). 70. 2d 302 (Minn. Ct. App. 1985). 71. Id. at 303. 72. See MINN. R. CIV. A P P . P. 03(a). 73. Spaeth v. 2d 815 (Minn. 1984). 74. Id. Initiation of Appellate Proceedings 41 judgment by filing an amended notice of appeal that lists the new, appealable judgment. 01. Although an amended notice of appeal would appear to serve substantially the same purpose, in light of this ruling it would behoove an appellant to file a pleading captioned "Notice to Appeal" from each order or judgment that is believed to be appealable.

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