By Zhang Mingwu, Sun Xingyuan, Yang Entang, Yao Xiuqing

This e-book introduces to the readers the idea of self-controlled Qigong remedy and the elemental Qigong styles. It additionally introduces to the readers the melanoma- treating Qigong trend, the hypertension-treating Qigong development, the massaging Qigong development, in addition to a few particular deviation-rectifying equipment. to aid the readers go well with the therapy to the case a few prescription for and experiences of a few universal ailments are prepared on the finish of the ebook.

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For example, The Breath-Regulating Benefiting Pattern is designed to strengthen the kidney . So it and Qi-Reenforcing Pattern, which is a kind of lung-channel is best to perform this pattern during the period from 17 :00 to Qigong pattern, should be performed from 3 :00 to 5 :00 As 19 :00 . If this period is inconvenient, it is also possible to The Large Intestine Channel and The Lung Channel share a perform it during the period from 15 :00 to 17 :00 when the paired relationship, it is also advisable to perform the lung- internal energy passes through the Urinary Bladder Channel : channel Qigong pattern from 5 :00 to 7 :00 .

So m the opposites 0 function between of the the body internal is and to obtain external a unity of environments under the leadership role of the nervous system . N spirit E O 00 a p o ) w V O 0 Q o b O-rw U N o. • o 0 u 0 0 W O 0 0 mental and emotional activities . It is related with the spirit and emotion . Li ancient brain Chinese doctor, said : "The Shizhen, is the a famous supreme mental palace" . When the heart has some functional disorder, mental and emotional activities will be out of control .

Abdominal "Dao" plays a leading role in the self-controlled therapy breathing is divided into "normal breathing" and "paradoxi~ of Qigong training. For dao suggests that the cerebral cortex cal breathing" . e . in the state of up of the abdomen when inhaling, and contracting the abdo-7 tranquility . It is only in this state that the internal energy men when exhaling . Paradoxical breathing involves swelling up of the abdomen when exhaling and contracting the abdomen when inhaling. This is a very important breathing method .

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