By Livia Kohn

Daoyin, the conventional chinese language perform of guiding the qi and stretching the physique is the forerunner of Qigong, the trendy kind of workout that has swept via China and is making expanding inroads within the West. Like different Asian physique practices, Daoyin makes a speciality of the physique because the major motor vehicle of attainment; sees well-being and non secular transformation as one continuum resulting in perfection or self-realization; and works intensely and consciously with the breath and with the unsleeping guiding of inner energies.

This ebook explores different sorts of Daoyin in ancient series, starting with the early scientific manuscripts of the Han dynasty, then entering into its non secular variation in maximum readability Daoism. After studying the medieval Daoyin Scripture and methods of integrating the perform into Tang Daoist immortality, the paintings outlines overdue imperial types and describes the transformation of the perform within the glossy world.

featuring a wealthy crop of particular workouts including historic context and comparative insights, chinese language therapeutic workouts is effective for either experts and common readers. It presents ancient intensity and opens concrete info of a tremendous yet as but little-known healthiness perform.

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In 1966, he published Light on Yoga, which became an instant classic. Patterned in title and structure on the Hathayoga pradīpikā, it sets the tone for much of modern practice—detailing the exact performance of postures, the breathing patterns associated with them, and the medical and psychological benefits of practice. In 1975 he succeeded in establishing his own school in Pune, which has since become the major training center for Iyengar practitioners. He retired from active teaching in 1984 but still continues to run medical workshops and supervise the education of future teachers.

36 Chinese Healing Exercises taken from his activities earlier than expected, might continue to pursue life-­ enhancing and healing practices in his more spiritual state. The Exercise Chart The medical manuscripts from Mawangdui provide the oldest extant Chinese instructions of how to regulate life to one’s best advantage and how exactly to ensure health and vitality. They also contain the oldest illustrations of healing exercises, discovered on a silk manuscript that was placed together with a map of the burial ground in the lacquer box in tomb 3 (see cover illustration).

Beyond these there are several plain, descriptive captions. For example, Limbs Dropping indicates that one should raise one arm up while dropping the other (#10); Arms Swinging means that one should swing both arms out horizontally to the side (#31); Snapping Yin is depicted as standing while raising the arms forward and up (#6); Bending Down with Head Back is shown as a forward bend with both hands on the floor (#28); and Look Up and Shout means to stand with head raised, arms pulled up and back, then open the mouth for a strong exhalation with sound (#34; fig.

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