By J. F. Haldon

This ebook provides the 1st analytical account in English of significant advancements inside Byzantine tradition, society and the nation within the the most important formative interval from c.610-717. The 7th century observed the ultimate cave in of historical city civilization and municipal tradition, the increase of Islam, the evolution of styles of notion and social constitution that made imperial iconoclasm attainable, and the advance of nation apparatuses--military, civil and fiscal--typical of the center Byzantine nation. additionally, in this interval, orthodox Christianity ultimately grew to become the unquestioned dominant tradition and a spiritual framework of trust (to the exclusion of other structures, that have been henceforth marginalized or proscribed).

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In this respect, and in as far as the general course of North African history is concerned, it will be dealt with in this book. Anything more would involve a study in its own right. 5 Ch. , Paris 1896). See also R. Goodchild, 'Byzantines, Berbers and Arabs in seventhcentury Libya', Antiquity 41 (196 7), 114-24; R. Goodchild, 'Fortificazione e palazzi bizantini in Tripolitania e Cirenaica', in XIII Corso di Cultura sull'Arte Ravennate e Bizantina (Ravenna 1966), pp. A. Julien, Histoire de l'Afrique du Nord des origines a la conquite arabe, 2nd edn (Paris 1951); M.

Untersuchungen zur Herausbildung des Feudalismus (BBA XXXXVIII. Berlin, 1978) and H. Kopstein and F. , Studien zum 7. ]ahrhundert in Byzanz. Probleme der Herausbildung des Feudalismus (BBA XXXXVII. Berlin 1976): for the Dumbarton Oaks sumposium, see DOP 13. (19 59). K. Livwv CTJt01'Et,vtiJv aullvwv (Athens 1985), a somewhat reductionist interpretation which takes issue with a number of 3 traditional interpretations without really demonstrating a convincing alternative (and which seems to assume that all historians in the Soviet Union or Eastern Europe are 'Marxist'.

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