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Die Logik direkter Demokratie

In diesem Buch wird erstmals eine ausgearbeitete Theorie über den Zusammenhang zwischen direktdemokratischen Verfahren und den jeweiligen politischen Systemen, in denen diese vorkommen können, vorgelegt. Die Autorin beantwortet die Frage: Welche direktdemokratischen Verfahren sind mit welchen Typen der Demokratie kompatibel?

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In organizations, privilege is generally relative to possible privation - t h e c a r r o t may be more evident, but the stick is more fundamental. The centrality of occupation to 40 BUREAUCRATIC OPPOSITION self-concept, the general scarcity of employment opportunities, and t h e negative sanctions t h a t an administration can m e t e out (for example, geographical transfers, assignments to odious or meaningless tasks, or simply s t r i c t enforcement of rules t h a t would make work uncomfortable or intolerable) all make the comparison between opposition t o a tyrant and opposition to an organization plausible.

Habits of obedience may also be related to the establishment of a sense of loyalty to a formal group. " Slogans such as "my country right or wrong" and "America - love it or leave it" are examples of a t t e m p t s to fabricate loyalty. Advice to employees is redolent with such sentiments: a newspaper column reads, "Boss Bugs You? " The development of a sense of obligation to a hierarchy tends to color one's evaluation of it. Cognitive dissonance theory predicts that if a person has a positive a t t i t u d e toward X (for example, t h e firm) and X indicates that Y (for example, a policy) is good, then the person will tend to have a positive a t t i t u d e toward Y.

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