By Kitsiri Malalgoda

Even if the inhabitants of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) embraces many fans of Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity, Buddhists have lengthy constituted the good majority. equally, Buddhism is practiced via the Sinhalese, by way of a long way the biggest ethnic workforce within the country.

For greater than 2,000 years the background of Sinhalese Buddhism has been recorded through priests in a sequence of chronicles. those chronicles encouraged a deep feel of ancient continuity. Mr. Malalgoda has made an in depth learn of the quite contemporary background of Sinhalese Buddhism, in which the classical culture skilled revival and alter in keeping with either inner and exterior pressures.

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Qué es el Zen? - Introducción práctica al budismo Zen.

En el Zen nada puede sustituir al contacto directo con un verdadero Maestro de los angeles Transmisión, y menos aún un libro.
En los angeles entrada de las bibliotecas de los monasterios Zen japoneses se puede leer una frase caligrafiada: "Este es el dedo que señala l. a. luna. " Un libro no puede ser más que un dedo que señala l. a. luna. los angeles luna representa los angeles auténtica Verdad de nuestra existencia. Un libro puede tener el poder de hacernos dirigir nuestra mirada hacia esa Verdad. Un Maestro Zen debe tener los angeles facultad de ayudarnos a llegar a ella.
Por esta razón, los angeles presente obra no es un guide Zen, no es un recetario, no está hecho con esa intención. Su pretensión es l. a. de familiarizar al lector con el mundo del Zen y l. a. de despertar en él reflexiones importantes acerca de su vida cotidiana.
Las explicaciones prácticas pueden ayudar a aquellos que ya practican en un Dojo, o en solitario, y espero que sean útiles para acercar a los angeles práctica de los angeles meditación a aquellas personas que, bien por desconocimiento, bien por indecisión, aún no lo han hecho.

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22 A justification was nonetheless found in terms of rhe historical circumstances [hat :u onc stage gravely threatened the very existence of Buddhism in Ceylon. C. 's, the whole country was ravaged by an unprecedented famine. lgha were reduced [Q a precarious existence. Some left their monasteries, and certain ot hers were forced [Q go abroad. Since the dhamma (doctrine) w:1S preserved through the 01'31 tradition handed down by the Ja1{lghfl, any threat [Q the Ja1{lgha mean! a threat to the dhamma as well .

L A. ,. CJ HSS. VII (1964 ) 98. In 16}ol . Ihe cx. ffn. bou I 17,000. R. BO

1 8 W hile some liTcrary works, like the Piljiwaliya, were wrinen with the almost exclusive purpose of eulogizing works of merit , the same purJXlsc pervaded many ot her works, like the Mahii/l(JltlJa. Certain laymen , especially those of noble and royal bi rth, kept records known as pujiiia polth{lka ('merit-books') in which t hcir merilOrious deeds were written down. ), fo r insTancc, had such a mcrit-book, which was read to him by his "(Colombo, 19~6), p. 2H. " II>IJ. , p. 2) 2 . S. d An Series (Ncw York , t9~8) .

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