By Diana Palmer

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His dark masculinity drew her eyes like a magnet—the bigness of his husky frame, the proud carriage that didn’t falter even in blindness. The only thing that seemed to dent his proud spirit were the headaches. They came in the night, and she’d hear him pacing his room, back and forth, in the early hours of morning. It made her guilt even worse, because more often than not he suffered in silence. Only on rare occasions would he call for her to bring him something for the pain. ” Kate asked him early in the darkness of the morning while she was handing him two pain capsules.

All those years you put in on me when I was growing up, after Mama left, all the sacrifices you made…and for what? ” “Now, hush,” he scolded. “I made the payment all right. I sold some of the cattle and got a handsome deal. I’m doing just fine, and you can stop sending me so much of your check. ” “No buts, daughter, I wouldn’t lie to you. ” He paused for an instant, and she could almost see the lines in his thin, leathery face. ” “I’m…just fine,” she lied, feeling tears prick at her eyes. “Honest I am.

He was all right. She hadn’t killed him, thank God. But there in the back of her mind, she remembered what Maude had said about the industrial magnate—that he made a ruthless enemy, and he always got even. Would he, somehow, make her pay for what she’d done? Did he know that it was her fault, would he hunt for her? She didn’t go outside again. There were plenty of groceries in the pantry and she could last indefinitely if she had to. She was terrified that if she went on the beach, he might be there, he might recognize her.

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