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1 The instruments of contemporary portfolio thought are quite often use within the fairness markets, both within the kind of portfolio optimization software program or as an accredited body- 2 paintings within which the asset managers take into consideration inventory choice. within the ?xed source of revenue marketplace nonetheless, those instruments look inappropriate or inapplicable. Bond portfolios are these days more often than not controlled through a comparability of portfolio three four danger measures vis ¶a vis a benchmark. The portfolio manager’s perspectives concerning the destiny evolution of the time period constitution of rates of interest translate th- selves at once right into a positioning relative to his benchmark, taking the hazards of those deviations from the benchmark into consideration in basic terms in a truly crude five style, i.e. with no rather quantifying them probabilistically. this can be rather miraculous due to the fact subtle types for the evolution of rates of interest are standard for rate of interest derivatives pricing and the derivation of ?xed 6 source of revenue danger measures. Wilhelm (1992) explains the absence of contemporary portfolio instruments within the ?xed 7 source of revenue markets with elements: traditionally rather good rates of interest and systematic di?erences among shares and bonds that make an program of recent portfolio concept di–cult. those systematic di?erences relate customarily to the ?xed adulthood of bonds. while attainable destiny inventory costs develop into extra dispersed because the time horizon widens, the bond cost at adulthood is eight ?xed. this means that the probabilistic types for shares and bonds have 1 beginning with the seminal paintings of Markowitz (1952).

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19) In order to calculate the above expressions, we only need the term structure model dependent functions A(t, T ) and B(t, T ) and the distributional parameters of the state variables. For the Vasicek and the HW2 model, these expression have already been derived in Chapter 3. 5 we analyze static bond portfolio optimization inside the Vasicek model and the HW2 model by means of numerical examples. 4 One-Factor Vasicek (1977) Model We assume the existence of a bond market where zero-coupon bonds of maturities 1, .

G. Ilmanen (1995), p. 4. 13). 242 According to our solution the investor is supposed to buy 4313 units of account of face value of the 6-year zero-coupon bond for every unit of account of initial wealth. e. a long position in the Ti -year zero-coupon bond is followed by a short position in the Ti + 1-year zero-coupon bond (and vice versa). Furthermore, for adjacent maturities the correlations are highest. These zero-coupon bonds are therefore considered near perfect substitutes (from a diversification perspective) and so (because of differences in expected values and standard deviations) the optimization procedure tries to exploit a suspected arbitrage opportunity by buying one zero-coupon bond and going short the other.

12). 44) are Riemann integrals and can be calculated explicitly. 47) contain Riemann integrals and stochastic integrals. 170 We apply the formula derived in Brigo/Mercurio (2001) and obtain the following solution171 170 171 For a general integration by parts formula see Oksendal (1992), p. 46. Brigo/Mercurio (2001), p. 150. 51), the HW2 model belongs to the affine class as well. 3 Properties First, we have a look at the short rate properties. Since this model builds on the Vasicek model, it keeps many of its properties.

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