By Andrea Juno, V. Vale

Bob Flanagan grew up with cystic fibrosis (a congenital, approximately always–fatal disease). He died on the age of forty three, one of many oldest individuals with the affliction. The actual discomfort of his youth agony was once mostly alleviated through masturbation and sexual experimentation, the place soreness and delight turned inextricably associated, leading to his lifelong perform of utmost masochism. In deeply confessional interviews, Bob information his sexual practices and his outstanding courting with long term associate and Mistress, photographer Sheree Rose. via his insider's viewpoint at the Sado-Masochist group, we study firsthand approximately branding, piercing, whipping, bondage, and persistence trials. those severe narratives are infused with humor, honesty, and self-reflective irony.

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There are things that happen at parties, and if you're an outsider it looks a lot worse than it really is. Sometimes a whipping scene, to someone who doesn't know the participants or how people react in that situation, seems a lot more brutal than it is, because people will scream and cry and beg for the other person to stop. "—they loved it! " • V: What do you mean? • BF: SM is the only area where "no" doesn't mean no. In every other place, no means no. But you have to have some word that means no, so you say—the typical boring substitute would be "red" which means "Stop.

AJ: So on your first date with Sheree, you're talking about the fantasy— • BF: But we didn't do anything. I showed her my penis ring, and we may have done some mutual masturbation— Early performance by the folk-punk bongo trio, Planet of Toys. With poet Jack Skelley and artist Rick Lawndale we crooned such undanceable ditties as "Product of My Environment," "I Killed the Puppet," and "Fun to be D e a d . " 1 9 8 1 , Beyond Baroque, Los Angeles. Made Some Some Some of plastic, made of w o o d of us are no damned good will fly and some will float will get stuck in your throat Planet of Toys, 1 9 8 1 , Bob Flanagan & Jack Skelley I think we both were very excited.

The submissive part of me is in utter contrast to the kind of person I am otherwise: I have a pretty strong ego and very strong ideas about what I want to do with my work. To jump ahead to Sheree and me doing SM art, or art that talks about our SM relationship—it's almost ridiculous to watch us then, because I'm kind of a tyrant to work with. " Yet we're doing shows that portray me as being totally submissive. Sometimes this personality split and the combination of people I am is too much for me to take.

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