By A. Cabello

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Lett. 88, 2, 027901 (2002); quantph/0108029. 61. [Ac´ın-Bagan-Baig-(+2) 04]: A. Ac´ın, E. Bagan, M. Baig, L. Masanes, & R. Mu˜ noz-Tapia, “Bayesian approach to multiple copy 2-state discrimination”, quant-ph/0410097. 50. [Ac´ın-Durt-Gisin-Latorre 02]: A. Ac´ın, T. Durt, N. Gisin, & J. I. Latorre, “Quantum nonlocality in two three-level systems”, Phys. Rev. A 65, 5, 052325 (2002); quant-ph/0111143. 62. [Ac´ın-Bae-Bagan-(+3) 04]: A. Ac´ın, J. Bae, E. Bagan, M. Baig, L. Masanes, & R. Mu˜ noz-Tapia, “Secrecy content of two-qubit states”, quantph/0411092.

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