By Ari H. Mendelson

Lured via brochures promising unlimited highbrow freedom, Jeff Jackson arrives at picturesque Tinsley university, wanting to adventure university existence to the fullest. He doesn't understand that the liberty he has been promised is in brief offer at Tinsley, a school so devoted to leftist beliefs that the management replaced the identify of the anthropology division to “anthrogynology” that allows you to make the identify extra “gender inclusive.”

Jeff makes the error of believing that the well known Professor Bancroft Tarlton will be prepared to discuss the left wing politics that the professor advocates in his periods. no longer knowing that there are only a few questions one doesn't ask on a faculty campus, Jeff submits an essay outlining his provocative theories approximately happiness and human sexuality.

Professor Tarlton isn't the just one livid at Jeff for his loss of devotion to left wing norms. Calling himself a “pomosexual” and believing Jeff to be not just a homophobe, yet a “pomophobe” besides, Carl Fitzgerald, Jeff’s classmate, starts off a feud with Jeff. The conflict escalates from insults, to vandalism, to shattered amorous affairs and a dorm room inhabited through a fainting goat. In a faculty passionate about political correctness, a conflict among the author of a “homophobic” essay and the “pomosexual” sufferer of a school prank can in basic terms finish a method: with a showdown in a campus court.

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Also in this region is the mesencephalic nucleus of the trigeminal nerve, a collection of unipolar sensory neurons, and the dorsal nucleus of the raphe. The trochlear nucleus lies ventrally in the periaqueductal gray matter and sends efferents to the superior oblique muscle of the eye. Several tracts can be seen in transverse section. The most prominent is the decussation of the cerebellar peduncles. The lateral lemniscus is seen where it enters the inferior colliculus and the medial lemniscus en route to the thalamus.

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