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Die Logik direkter Demokratie

In diesem Buch wird erstmals eine ausgearbeitete Theorie über den Zusammenhang zwischen direktdemokratischen Verfahren und den jeweiligen politischen Systemen, in denen diese vorkommen können, vorgelegt. Die Autorin beantwortet die Frage: Welche direktdemokratischen Verfahren sind mit welchen Typen der Demokratie kompatibel?

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Esfandiary was not the first to espouse this viewpoint. ’6 But Esfandiary took Huxley’s essentially evolutionary cast of transhumanism and moved it a step nearer to the zeitgeist: the tipping point from human to transhuman didn’t exist in the hazy future, Esfandiary insisted. It was already happening. ’7 At the time, few scoffed at Esfandiary’s radical claims for an imminent transhuman awakening. The years preceding Up-Wingers had seen the introduction of the birth control pill and humans landing on the moon; the term ‘Up-Winger’ was a specific reference to spaceflight, which Esfandiary saw as a harbinger of the transhumanist revolution.

But even this idea, though seemingly rooted in modern bioscience, has very ancient antecedents: Icarus’s wings were, if nothing else, an early expression of a primitive transhumanist yearning. Modern day Metchinikoffs These days, transhumanists take many forms: from nanotech enthusiasts who envision armies of microscopic robots inside our bodies, forever detecting and destroying disease, to head-freezing cryonicists who believe that science will one day revive the dead. But all share a basic belief that would undoubtedly resonate with Metchnikoff: that as technology and medicine advance, humans will live significantly longer and healthier lives while realising greater intellectual and social achievements.

Equity and fairness It is true that we could find ourselves, in the developed world, having access to genetic engineering, biological engineering, brain implants, biochemical interventions that poor people in other places cannot get. It’s also true that we could find ourselves, within rich countries, with a lot of people unable to buy or purchase many of these things that might enhance or improve capacity. Demos 35 Better Humans? But I have a very simple question. Is the problem modifying and improving our biological nature?

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