By Sheng Yen

This is often an inspiring advisor to the perform of Chan (Chinese Zen) within the phrases of 4 nice masters of that culture. It comprises teachings from modern masters Xuyun and Sheng Yen, and from Jiexian and Boshan of the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). although the texts have been written over a interval of hundreds and hundreds of years, they're all remarkably lucid and are ideal for rookies in addition to extra complicated practitioners this present day. all of the details of religious perform are lined: philosophical foundations, equipment, techniques to difficulties and obstacles—all aimed toward supporting the coed reach tips on how to enlightenment.

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En el Zen nada puede sustituir al contacto directo con un verdadero Maestro de l. a. Transmisión, y menos aún un libro.
En los angeles entrada de las bibliotecas de los monasterios Zen japoneses se puede leer una frase caligrafiada: "Este es el dedo que señala l. a. luna. " Un libro no puede ser más que un dedo que señala l. a. luna. l. a. luna representa l. a. auténtica Verdad de nuestra existencia. Un libro puede tener el poder de hacernos dirigir nuestra mirada hacia esa Verdad. Un Maestro Zen debe tener los angeles facultad de ayudarnos a llegar a ella.
Por esta razón, los angeles presente obra no es un guide Zen, no es un recetario, no está hecho con esa intención. Su pretensión es los angeles de familiarizar al lector con el mundo del Zen y l. a. de despertar en él reflexiones importantes acerca de su vida cotidiana.
Las explicaciones prácticas pueden ayudar a aquellos que ya practican en un Dojo, o en solitario, y espero que sean útiles para acercar a los angeles práctica de los angeles meditación a aquellas personas que, bien por desconocimiento, bien por indecisión, aún no lo han hecho.

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Sems kyi ngo bo ni ston ka 'i nam mkha 'i dkyil lta bu! re dogs med pal mi 'gyur ba/ dus thams cad du rgyun chad med pa de yin! Ca. 1 . 2a: 'bras bu lhun grub re dogs med pa 'i gdeng tshud pa dang bzhi 'o/ Ices pa nil 'ong ste de yang 'bras bu ni chos kyi sku yin la/ limn grub ni snang grags kyi chos thams cad ye nas skye ba med pa chos kyi sku 'i rang bzhin du go ste! 'kho r 'das gnyis su med du rtogs pa 'o! 3 9 Ibid . Ca. 2 . 3 b : de la gsum/ gzhi dri ma med pa dang/ lam dri ma med pa dang/ 'bras bu dri ma med pa 'o/ dang po n i chos nyid rang bzhin gyis mam par dag pa 'o/ gnyis pa ni lhan cig skyes pa 'i ye shes lam du 'khyer ba 'o/ gsum pa ni dbyings dang ye shes dbyer med pa 'i don dang mi 'bra!

4 As attested by the extant textual tradition, B sod nams rin chen in some instances taught Mahiimudra in a broader context of Common Mahayana teachings and thereby separated these Mahamudra instructions from their original framework of the Tantras . The conse­ quence was that Mahiimudra no longer was a doctrine reserved for the initiated practitio­ ners of the secret Tantras with their yoga and sexual techniques , but Mahamudra became generally accessible to all followers of the Mahayana, perhaps especially addressed to monks wishing to practice the Tantras without violating their vows of celibacy.

Zang thal lam du 'khyer bar byed pa 'i gdams ngag nil gzhi dri ma med pa de nyid gtan la phab nas lam du 'khyer ba la brten nas/ 'bras bu dri ma med pa de nyid thob pa me rtog padma lta bu yin tel Chapter I: The Essence of Mahiimudrii 45 percepti on and thought. Having become acquainted with this realization, every state of mind is said to appear as A wakened. The ensuing result is to be free from all hopes and fears . B sod nams rin chen's approach thus first of all emphasized the role of the teacher, which m ay help to explain the immense importance that devotion to the teacher generally has played in the later contemplative traditions of the Bka ' brgyud schools of Tibetan B uddhism.

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