By Vern Gambetta

Trainer Vern Gambetta describes powerful how to bodily situation an athlete, protecting paintings capability improvements, techniques to strengthen move abilities, leisure and regeneration suggestions, and more.

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38 Sport-Specific Demands Analysis 39 Temporal Classification h Set time frame h Open time frame __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ The Competitive Season h Length of season h Number of competitions h Championship format h Multiple seasons h Competition frequency __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ From V.

Athletic development coaches should be evaluated based on their ability to train, improve, and refine the qualities of athleticism. Unfortunately, because the role of strength and conditioning coaches has been so closely tied to football, the strength coaches’ evaluation is often tied to wins and losses. This is unfortunate. There are standards of professional behavior that must be upheld regardless of the field of coaching. Evaluation will become much more objective when the field is clearly defined.

Traditionally terms such as prime mover and antagonist have been used. But these terms can limit us and lock us into the same pattern of looking at muscles rather than movements. In their classic text Kinesiology, last published in 1970, Logan and McKinney proposed the use of terminology that fits with our contemporary understanding of muscle function. Their logic in proposing a shift in terminology is as on target today as when they first articulated it: The terms agonist, antagonist, synergist, and fixator are used to describe muscle action.

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