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Артистическая вышивка; практические инструкции в декоративных ветвях рукоделия (1888)ПРИМЕРЫ :страница 1страница 2страница 3страница 4страница five

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As the name implies, it is intended to imitate a picture, and is generally used only for small subjects the stitches being almost too minute to be distinguished at all. It is done on white silk or satin, which is carefully stretched in a frame, and the design is then drawn on it. This is sketched with a pencil, and usually woi'ked in black silk; the various shades between black and white may be used, but not colors as the object is to represent an engraving. Lead color, or pale slate, will be as suitable as black.

Then, to give warmth and life, some sulphur butterflies hovered over the garlands. Thus, though in the coloring of the design the component parts only of the bronze-green ground were used, the effect — A — was perfect. TRANSFERRING DESIGNS. Designs are traced in various ways, according to the nature and color of the material to be embroidered. For a light-colored ground, the best method is to trace the pattern on tissue or other thin paper, lay the material flat upon a table, and fix the place of the pattern upon it very exactly.

46. eleven oval beads, edged with white chenille; another white bead is placed in the centre, and edged with gold. The other flowers are also composed of white satin beads edged with gold.

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