By S. M. Stirling

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Or why it’s a bad idea to piss up against walls,” someone laughed. ” A couple of the Councilors looked over sharply; Marian was usually extremely quiet at Council meetings, except when her defense and shipbuilding specialties came up. ” Thank you, Marian, he thought, letting one eyelid droop slightly. Her imperceptible nod replied, You’re welcome. “Well, perhaps we should move on to item two,” he said neutrally. “Item two,” Martha said dryly, giving him a glance. All right, all right, so I’ve learned to be a politician.

The ratcheting of the spindly cranes and winches that swung heavy loads ashore was loud even against the clatter of hooves and iron wheels on the pavement. Factors and dealers and storekeepers dickered and yelled, customs agents prowled, sailors chanted their rhythmic Heave . . ho! stamp and go, stamp and go, heave . . ho! as they hauled to unload cargo. Indians in blankets jostled kilted Proto-Celtic warriors and priestesses of the Fiernan Bohulugi cult of Moon Woman from Alba in poncho and thong skirt, watched by an Olmec noble wearing a cloak of woven hummingbird feathers that shimmered in impossible shades of turquoise, scarlet, purple.

The younger officer nodded. Vicki Cofflin was the daughter of one of the Chief’s sisters, a much closer connection than his to the Secretary of the Council. “Well, let’s get back to work,” she said. ” “Damned right,” Alex said, nodding. Jesus, Vicki thought, as she followed him back into the hanger. I thought I was joking. E. Ranger Peter Girenas grunted as he lifted the gutted whitetail from the packhorse’s back and brought it to a nearby cache-tree. Two other deer hung from the white-oak branch already, and he quickly ran the dangling leather cord through a slit between the bone and tendon of this carcass’s hind legs.

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