By Peter Jenkins

This education handbook covers all elements of accomplishing a actual covert surveillance with the intention to assemble intelligence and facts.

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37 ADVANCED SURVEILLANCE . Employment The details of the targets work or trade are required. The type of job, his workplace or area, his position, the shifts and hours he works inciuding overtime. lf he is unemployed, the day, time and place he signs on for unemproir"nt benefits may also be of use, especially if you have to pick him up there. Habits or Routines You should be aware of any habits or routines, that the target may have. Recently, a target of ours would leave his house ano retigiousry stop at a nearby newsagent in the morning to buy his paper and cigarettesl on the third and fourth day of surveillance, we never piotted up at his hJme address was difficult to cover) but at the newsagents and had no probrems pickingiwnicn him up.

He could use public transport, get a lift, walk, or ride a moiorbike. lf he uses a vehicre you need to know the vehicre, make, moder, shape, corour, registration and any other identifying features. Family details or other occupants of the household The Electors Register should identify all the adults in the household, although it is accepted that the records are not always accurate. in the house (if your target is male), you do not want to follow the first one that reaves which may be thJwrong p"irdn.

A scruffy beat up old car may soon invite curiosity if it is parked in a very up-market residential area, conversely, a brand new cavalier on a 'rough' estate will not only be noticed but likely to be approached with no sympathy. lf you are not using a surveillance van or an op to ,irigger,the surveillance it may be that you have to remain sitting in your vehicle. ln tfiil event you have to be far away enough from the target for them not to notice you but close enough for you to identify them. There are a number of precautions that we can take to minimise bringing attention to ourselves.

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