By R. W. J. Keeble

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Indeed such a realisation leads to the possibility that leadership "resides not primarily and certainly not exclusively in an individual leader" but is potentially a function of the whole group acting as a group. " "The right moment"—the situation evidently has something to do with the act of giving a lead. The individual today will not be different in his inner personal characteristics from yesterday; the group may be exactly the same; but if today they have to repair the roof damaged in last night's storm, the clown who kept them singing cheerfully as they trudged home in the rain yesterday may not have a clue, and if he knows he has not he will be wise not to make a suggestion or even to raise a laugh.

Second, if peace is not the mere absence of war but the pro- 32 A LIFE FULL OF MEANING gressive creation of social justice between individuals, groups, "classes" and nations, then all youth groups also have the task of helping members to accept responsibility in their local community and in the wider community, both by offering personal service to those who need a helping hand and by the more difficult matter of political involvement. The latter cannot be evaded: if we accept change as inevitable and desirable we cannot separate educational processes from local, national or international politics.

In such groups it seems likely that both morale and productivity will increase. It also follows that the structure must be such as to give any member a clear picture of his place and function. 4 There remains the interesting question whether the leader is entitled to have some private goals in addition to those which he shares with the group. The former must clearly not diverge from the interests of the group: the latter may legitimately be concerned not only with getting a job done but with enriching the personal life of the members.

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