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"This is the easiest kanji ebook to be had this present day. Designed for rookies with a simple wisdom of eastern to exploit within the lecture room on for self–study."—Modern Language Journal
Everyday initiatives like discovering a highway handle or procuring a teach price ticket might be a tribulation in Japan when you don't learn kanji–the process of jap writing in keeping with chinese language characters. a gaggle of academics from the distinguished collage of Tokyo have pooled their abilities to create 250 crucial jap Kanji Characters in volumes: a pragmatic option to study the kanji most often utilized in everyday life in Japan. every one lesson is helping you grasp a brand new team of kanji, utilizing a very powerful method that specializes in you, the learner, taking an energetic part.
• Introductory Quizzes introduce daily events the place you come upon kanji.
• Vocabulary sections assist you comprehend the readings and meanings of the kanji.
• New personality Charts educate you new kanji systematically—for every one personality you'll study its meanings, its easy on–kun readings, its stroke order, universal compounds, and derivations.
• perform sections assist you enhance your abilities in spotting and utilizing the kanji.
• complicated Placement examination perform Questions for every lesson persist with the structure of the varsity forums eastern Language and tradition exam.

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Indd 57 4/2/08 12:57:41 PM LESSON 5 65 氏 shi シ family; surname 氏 derives from the shape of a sewing needle, suggesting a seam. Stitches in a seam follow one after another, like generations of a family. Thus 氏 means family and, by extension, family name. /Miss/Mrs. Smith na, mei な、メイ name; reputation 名 combines 夕, which depicts the moon above a mountain and means evening, and 口 mouth (cf. 107), which implies speak. When it’s difficult to recognize people on dark evenings, their names must be spoken aloud.

The place to keep an ax is near the door. indd 61 4/2/08 3:59:33 PM LESSON 5 77 電 den デン electricity 電 is a variation of 雷 thunder, which combines 雨 rain and 田 rice paddy (cf. 88). 電 indicates lightning, and has come to mean electricity. 78 話 通 electricity electron electric power battery telegram でんき でんし でんりょく でんち でんぽう 話す 話 電話 はなす はなし でんわ hanasu 会話 話題 かいわ わだい kaiwa 市外通話 しがいつうわ shigai tsūwa denshi denryoku denchi dempō hana-su, hanashi, wa はな・す、はなし、ワ speak, talk; story 話, which combines 言 word or say and 舌 tongue, means speak or story.

6. 専 攻 9. 入 学 式 13. 部 分 18. 科 学 や 15. 入 る 目 は 大 き い で す ね 。 文 学 を 19. 先 週 、 京 都 へ 20. わ た し は 21. こ こ に 7. 日 本 語 14. 先 月 17. ピ ー タ ー さ ん の 4. 都 市 工 学 科 8. 土 木 工 学 科 12. 東 16. 科 目 べ ん き ょ う し ま す 。 い き ま し た 。 日 本 で あ な た の 22. フ ラ ン ス 語 で 生 ま れ ま し た 。 生 年 月 日 を み じ か い 文 を か い て く だ さ い 。 か き ま し た 。 Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks with appropriate kanji. 1. おお 2. だい がく 3. りゅう がく せい きい する big 5. とう きょう 4. ひがし university student と 6. こう がく to study abroad ぶ 7. こう east がっ か 土木 Metropolis of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering Dept.

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